Power Cycle

Power Cycle

Power Cycle is a one of a kind ecosystem which rewards holders in the most unique form ever on BSC.


About PCF

Power Cycle aims to create an ecosystem of utilities which will revolutionize Defi, including the Power Cycle Swap, which provides the opportunity for holders to receive cash back when using the swap and Power Cycle Debit card which will make it easier to access funds.

The Power Cycle Contract contains an exclusive pool allocated for the most loyal holders. 2% of every buy and sell contributes to the exponential growth of the bonus pool, thus compounding your investment.

Power Cycle holders will receive $BUSD reflections and be able to qualify for bonus pool participation by simply holding Power Cycle tokens for 24 hours without selling or transferring.

Selling or transferring any tokens will prohibit you from receiving bonus rewards for that cycle. This gives great incentive to hold in order to multiply returns and not sell.

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Reward Cycle

BUSD Rewards

Earn BUSD by not selling your tokens for 24 hours.

Rewards Pool

We rewards our loyal holders. Holding your tokens 24hrs, without sells or transfers, qualifies you to participate in the rewards pool and earn BUSD.

Project Development

Project development and marketing campaigns


Swap dApp

The Power Cycle Swap will offer 0% trading fees on every buy & sell. You can trade on the Power Cycle Swap platform for no additional fees and with the confidence of knowing that your funds are protected. All Power Cycle contracts are audited for stability and security.



A powerful utility providing detailed information on holdings, earnings, pool qualification and many other project details. This utility will continually be developed in order to meet the needs of our community.


Debit Card

Get ready to start spending your crypto and earning 1-3% cash back every time you swipe. The Power Cycle debit card will allow you to do just that. Best of all, there will be no KYC requirements.


Power Cycle Utility

Power Cycle will bring a number of amazing utilities, some of which will be unique for crypto space. Power Cycle, Farms, Pools, NFT’s, Launchpad and Staking are only a few of use cases that $Power Cycle will deploy. We will introduce even more utilities to the ecosystem which will make it the hub a for all your Defi needs.



Phase 1

Phase 1

  • Website launch
  • Social Media creation
  • Dapp Release
  • KYC Pinksale
  • Audit Coinsult
  • SAFU Certification Coinsult
  • Public presale via Pinksale
  • DEX listing (Pancakeswap)
  • 500 holders
  • Marketing push
Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 2

  • CMC listing (Fast Track)
  • CG listing
  • CEX listings (Coin Tiger, Bitmart)
  • 2500 telegram members
  • 2500 holders
  • Extensive Marketing campaign
  • Cross chain implementation
  • Additional CEX listings (Bitmart,
    Lbank, Gate io)
Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 3

  • Website redesign
  • 5000 telegram members
  • 5000 holders
  • Strategic Partnerships
Phase 3


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